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“I made a strategic choice to start this business because ‘everything was probable’ - the lifestyle, time and financial freedom, my dreams and passions, a structure and system set up for success, and where people understood and were ‘speaking the same language’ about the mind, personal development, and psychology. When I applied this learning, I consciously created a ‘new normal’ across key areas of my life including earning in a month what I had previously earned in a year. I am proud of the businesswoman I am becoming, It’s exciting having the vehicle to be all of me, and this is just the start...”

Tania Stapp

"It was the opportunity to run a business and make big money that attracted me initially and wasn’t expecting what came next. Packing up my 3hr per day round trip and after the birth of our first child my new adventure had just begun. I am a stronger, better version of myself for my wife and kids who share this adventure with me.”

Howard Hughes

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Morag McDowall

HI I'M MORAG - and thanks for coming by.  I'm truly fortunate to run an online business in an industry I'm passionate about - personal development. 

I'm Scottish and live with my son in Hampshire, UK.

Being an entrepreneur means I have much more choice in my life in terms of when I work & where I work and I love being my own boss.

I was neither happy nor unhappy. My life was steady. However I wanted my life to be AMAZING! I wanted it to ✨SPARKLE ✨

My dream is to travel & race (I am a triathlete in my spare time too) all over the world and this business can just come with me wherever I goI only need my laptop, phone and a wifi connection.

Prior to this online business, I was running my own business as a Sports Massage Therapist. I did that for 18 years and whilst I loved it, there's only so many massages you can do in a day without becoming burnt out. I needed to change and move to a life where I could create more income from doing less physical work. I'm 50 now and I wasn't sure how many more years I could keep working full time as a SMT. So I went looking for an online business and here I am!

I'm motivated to work with driven men and women who want to create freedom and flexibility in their lives like me too. You don't have to travel to the extent that I want to. Most of the people I work with are grounded in one spot most of the time, but they all have these things in common:

They want to create an extraordinary life filled with choices

They want to be their own boss

They want to be financially well rewarded

If my story resonates with you and you're ready to make your life sparkle AND you have a couple of hours (or more) everyday that you could devote to a new business venture, then reach out to me today.  Fill in the form above and I will be in touch. We only need a quick 5 min telephone chat to see if this is an opportunity for you. If it is GREAT and if not, no problem.

You don't need to be great to get started, but you do need to get started to be great.


"I had a big birthday in 2020 and decided it was time to live the life of my dreams. I needed to fund it and I found a way with this online business. Read my story below - Morag McDowall"

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My son and I in Norway

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